Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DEB special advert promotions...Get your adverts to over 100,000 daily visitors for less with 50% discount

Its your lucky day advertisers! Due to popular demand by our readers and prospective advertisers, we've decided to run special advert promotions for all advertisers who need to get their brands, products, events, e.t.c out there for lesser prices at the normal advert period on Dharmone Events Blog(1 month). This promotion period is open to both small and large brands. No limitation here. It will run for a period of one month(4 weeks) between 10th June - 10th July, 2014 with 50% off the normal advertisement prices! *Winks* Did we just hear you say "Awesome!!!"?
Also these adverts come with the normal various design sizes used on Dharmone Events Blog, so you need not be worried for limitations in your design or size. If you are opting for the blog feature, you also get a 50% discount off the price. Very rare for any blog to do this, more so as far as we know, no site has done this yet. So if we were you, we'll take this awesome rare offer now while it last!
Another perks here are, (1) if you refer 2-3 advertisers during this promotion period, you get your advert displayed on Dharmone Events Blog free! So tell us, do you really want to waste this opportunity? (2) if you are running over 3 adverts at once, you get one advert space free on our blog during this period. So why don't you do yourself and business a favour and don't waste this opportunity!!! Contact us Now.
Skyscraper Plus(160 x 600)
Skyscraper (120 x 600)
Masthead (Top of Page)  728 x 90
Leaderboard(Bottom of page) 728 x 90
Home Page
Normal Price(400,000)
Promo price(200,000)
Normal Price (350,000)
Promo price (175,000)
  Normal Pice (750,000)
Promo Price (375,000)
Normal Price (650,000)
Promo Price(325,000)
Side Bar
(200 x 300)
Sponsored Link
Blog Post/feature/Advertorial
Background take over (1,800 x 1,200)
Home Page
Normal Price (200,000-Top of Page)
Promo price(175,000 -other positions)
Normal price(50,000)
Promo price (25,000)
Normal price (50,000)
Promo price (25,000)
450,000/week,(Promo price 225,000)  
1.2 million/month
(promo price - 600,000)
NOTE: Add 5% VAT to listed price above. All listed figures are in Nigeria Naira, if you are not located in Nigeria; convert to your local currency.
Terms and Conditions apply!
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Tel:08186219581, 08089201059 ; Email: dharmonevents@gmail.com ; BB PIN: 2989953E

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  1. wow dharmone events blog thank you for this opportunity. contacting you right now!


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