Friday, September 27, 2013

Lamar Odom buys $100K Gift for Khloe Kardashian anniversary

Lamar reportedly dropped some serious cash to try and win Khloe back on their four-year wedding anniversary but will a pricey item win back her trust and love?  Will this make Khloe want to stay with him!
KhloeKardashian has millions of dollars, gorgeous clothes, and expensive cars, so why would Lamar Odom waste his money on an extravagant anniversary gift? The couple, who are on the verge of a divorce, are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary on Sept. 27, and it sounds like Lamar thinks a material object is more important than a gift of trust, loyalty and honesty.


Lamar has gone above and beyond for his estranged wife, according to TMZ. The report claims that he drove to LA to buy a very expensive gift worth well over $100,000 for Khloe. But sources connected with Khloe say that Khloe doesn’t want a gift, she wants him to go to rehab.
The NBA star also wanted to take Khloe away to Santa Barbara for an over night getaway, but Khloe is refusing to go anywhere while he might be under the influence of drugs.
The reality star has been known as “Khloe Kardashian Odom” since she got married in 2009 but on her anniversary, she dropped her married last night. Perhaps an omen as to what’s to come in their marriage — divorce papers?
But on Sept. 22, Khloe changed her Instagram name and her rep told us: “She took off Kardashian AND Odom on her bio only. Her Instagram handle has ALWAYS been just Kardashian to match her twitter name — so both of her names are @KhloeKardashian, they always have been but yes in her bio she removed both of her last names, so it simply says Khlo√©.”
So Dharmone Events Bloggers, tell us if you think a gift is the key to fixing Khloe and Lamar’s marriage.

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