Saturday, September 28, 2013

Banky W is single again and he says Nigerian entertainment industry is more fame than money!!!

To all those ladies who's been eyeing the EME chairman, he's back in the market again!!! In an interview with Nigerian Tribune yesterday, Banky W opened up about his relationship status. When asked if he was in a relationship, Banky replied 'Not at the moment.' Guess his relationship with Ghanaian beauty Andrea Giaccaglia has packed up...or maybe he just wants to get the blogs off his back. Lol. Anyway Mr Capable also reacted to the Forbes/Channel O list of the Top 10 Most Bankable African artists 2013where he was placed at No.10, Banky says the Nigerian entertainment industry is more fame than money. When asked how he felt about the list, Banky replied
I don’t believe very much in such things. Let’s be honest, the real wealthy people are the businessmen like Dangote and the politicians (some of whom got there by looting Nigeria). They’re the ones with real money. This entertainment business is too much hype. It is more fame than fortune. So I’m not thrilled by it and I don’t think any of us should buy into it too much. I’d rather be wealthy and quiet than famous and broke.
Read the full interview from Nigerian Tribune 

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