Monday, August 12, 2013


It's a well-established fact that Justin Bieber is practically allergic to shirts. The toned, tatted pop singer is often seen topless, on-stage and off, but you'd think that when he gets together with the rest of the Bieber clan for holidays he makes an exception...Nope. 

A picture has surfaced from last year's Bieber Thanksgiving dinner in which the singer is serenading his granny and well, this time he went full commando. According to a photo obtained by TMZ, Bieber played a joke on his grandma at her Toronto home in October 2012 by strutting out with just an acoustic guitar covering Justin and the Biebers.
Bieber had reportedly been staying at his grandma's house during the holiday and slept in on Canadian Thanksgiving morning. When he woke up after the rest of the family was already hanging out, he thought he'd play prank on them and do a naked serenade. The site reported that Bieber walked up to his shocked granny and started freestyling some lyrics about how much he loves her. 


She apparently got the joke, but ordered him to hurry up and get his clothes back on. 

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